Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Gift Idea's

From tomorrow we will be setting up a little stall of Christmas gift idea, including a great range of children's books - all new and at HALF the recommended retail price!

Please have a look a see if there is anything to help with you Christmas gift list! We will be changing the book titles each week and if there is a particular book you would like let us know and we will see what we can do!

We will have little items from just 30p and some really nice Christmas soft toys drom the YooHoo range as well!

Tatty Bumpkin

Today we had another visit from Tatty Bumpkin and the adventure this time was ...

Tatty Bumpkin Christmas Story
Today in  Tatty Bumpkin yoga class the children went on an adventure to:

‘Tatty Bumpkin and the Christmas Tree’
They stretched, balanced, explored and giggled and returned to relax at Wobble farm, remembering all that they had done.
The pose for this week was TREE

Description: Stand still and wave your arms from side to side in the wind.

Harder: Try balancing on one leg or with just the toe of your other leg on the ground. Parents: blow gently on your child’s body so they can be a ‘tree in the wind’. Or put some cotton wool or a hanky on your child’s head (to be snow!) and let them balance with snow on their heads.